Personal Growth“Redesigning Your Life in 90 Days”

Your Life, Your Design

The Program which will flick the ‘light switch’ & unlock the combination to  your Life

Spend one hour a week personally with Sally for the next twelve weeks…

As my website reads… yes, life is a ‘choice’ – your choice.

Too many of us live in a world of ‘conformity’; ‘conditioning’; ‘comfort zone’; ‘fear of change’; or just simply don’t realise there is another way of life and are living day by day with the cards being dealt.

I am speaking from a place of ‘been there, done that’ and one of the promises I made to myself when I was turning my life around, was  I would share this information with whoever wanted to listen and help them to begin to create the changes they wanted in life.

This information is GOLD and life changing. It’s not rocket science, not magical, it’s an awareness of what is and what can be and the choice and control is yours.

The question is “how much do you want change in your life?”

If, you’re not hungry enough or your ‘why’ isn’t big enough then ask yourself “am I satisfied with my life?” What would I change if I could? My job? My finances?

‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is my Mission Statement?’ ‘What Legacy will I leave behind?’

This Course will awaken things within you that perhaps you knew were always there. It will give you the awareness and the tools you need to begin to design your life and make the changes you seek. Anything and everything is possible if you want it enough.

Why 90 days? Because a ‘season’ is what our mindset and bodies require to absorb change through discipline of repetition. This is why the military and leading corporations in physical or administrative training, structure training over a 90 day period. Why leading weight loss programs use a 90 Day Challenge Program. It is a key time frame for success.

So join me personally, one-on-one for one hour a week over 12 weeks, as I take you step by step through processes and information which will change your life over the next 90 days if you embrace it, internalise it and action it.

It’s time to stop waiting for permission; reassurance; someone else to change; a more favourable horoscope; the new Government to take over; someone to discover you; the pain to go away.. Let’s take responsibility for our lives, believe in ourselves and get on with it!               Dream, believe, succeed…

The choice is yours.. it’s your life, you design it..